Travel Tips to Make the Journey Smoother

Are your bags packed yet for Chicago?

NFPW's conference will be held Aug. 26-28 in Chicago.

If you’re headed there for the 2010 NFPW conference or anywhere else, for that matter, here are some travel tips to make the journey smoother.

Meg Hunt, who travels overseas for Teleios Ministry and is a member of Media Women of South Carolina, says that because of the increasing frequency of delayed and cancelled flights she now always –

  • Carries snack items (granola bars, crackers, trail mix, raisins, fruit snacks, etc.)
  • Carries an extra pair of underwear in a carry-on bag
  • Carries paper and pen as a backup “for those really great ideas you don’t want to forget.” Meg says that electronic devices are great, but says many airports don’t have enough outlets for recharging laptops, BlackBerries and phones.

Teri Ehresman of Media Network Idaho travels frequently for her job with Idaho National Laboratories. “I try to always get early morning flights to my destination,” she says. “This is really important if you have several stops to the destination. If there are travel delays they impact late afternoon travel more than morning travel. If the airlines need to reschedule you because of a cancelled flight this also gives the airlines more options to work with.”

She also recommends that if you need something within 24 hours of arrival, to carry it onboard with you. She shared how delayed luggage left one woman in tears at an airport in Vienna. “Her wedding dress did not make it and they could not guarantee it would arrive in time for her scheduled wedding.”

Although you can’t take fluids through the security checkpoint, you can take an empty plastic water bottle. Then when you get to the other side, you can fill it from a water fountain.

Teri also suggests that if there is a chance of rain placing a plastic garbage bag on the bottom and top of your suitcase to cover your clothing. If your bag is left outside in the rain, the plastic bags will help protect your clothing.

She also treats herself to a Delta Sky Club membership. “I travel a great deal and can buy a year’s membership for 40,000 miles.” The membership gets her access to the Sky Club where lines are significantly shorter if there are flight problems. Other perks include complimentary snacks/beverages, clean restrooms and free wireless.

Ann Lockhart of Colorado Press Women enjoys traveling because it “offers good thinking time.” She likes to make To Do lists so she carries paper and pens. She also always has reading material. “I couldn’t live with that,” she says. “I’m not as wired as some of you.”

If you need more tips, check out Inc., which created a list of 50 top picks for the best of business travel in 2010.

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