Keeping Project Plans on Track

You’ve taken the critical step on initiating a project plan. Now how do you keep your plan on track?

You need to monitor and evaluate throughout the planning and evaluation stages. Status reports are the way to do this. All stakeholders are updated by providing them with information about milestones, budgets and challenges.

These status reports will keep everyone on the path to success.

That’s exactly what NFPW’s new webmaster and I are doing. The job was defined by a scope of work, which outlined a schedule and payment structure. Now that the new site is under construction, we hold a weekly conference call and review our status. We agree on what we each will achieve in the coming week.

The project will finish on time and on budget. More importantly, it will deliver on expectations, in large part, because of our check-ins with our status reports.

What do you do to keep your projects on track?