I Spy a New Word

I happened upon a great Web site the other day, and I had to share. It’s Word Spy and is put together by Paul McFedries. He describes the site as the word lover’s guide to new words.

The day I went to it the word at the top of the page was “wheredunit,” which is a murder mystery or detective story where the location of a crime plays a central role. Those who know me, know I’m writing a mystery, but it’s not a wheredunit.   


The site is wonderful and as you read each of the new words, you realize that “yes, they should be in our lexicon.”

Of course, I wanted to know more about this person, so I began to search for him online. At first I got a hit with a long list of books – more than 50! I didn’t think I had the right person, but I did.

Turns out Paul also is a technical geek and has written lots of books to help explain the technical side of things. As he explains on his site Paul McFedries’ Tech Tonic, he’s “making the world a better place, one computer book at a time.”

So if you’re looking for a new word or how to make Windows 7 work, take a look at these sites.

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