Tweeting Your Way to Media Placements

Twitter is all about following, and when it comes right down to it, that’s what media relations is about – getting someone to follow you, your company, your product so that, ultimately, they will write about it.

Twitter offers some great media relations tactics.

1) Follow journalists, bloggers and influencers. You’ll learn what they are writing about and what is of interest to them.

2) Showcase your expertise. Once you learn in what the journalists, bloggers and influencers are interested, you can showcase your expertise. We did that at my organization and landed one of our vice presidents on a blog radio segment. It gave the person exposure in a fairly benign setting, provided the blogger with an expert and gave us a great Google search hit.

3) Respond to requests. If you’re on Twitter and someone asks for information, and you can provide it, do so. It’s the same as when a reporter calls you on the phone. Same idea, different technology.

4) Write good headlines. When you’re on Twitter you’re limited to 140 characters. Before long you’ll find that the headlines you are writing are shorter, crisper, edgier.

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