What Is Your Value?

A new year brings a flurry of introspection and portfolio shifting. The business magazines write about where to place your money in the new year and what the trends are. They write about last minute tax savings.
One thing each of us can do as a member of National Federation of Press Women is invest in ourselves. We do that by renewing our membership. It’s an investment in yourself for today and for tomorrow.
For some the amount is a hardship, but if you think of the dues in terms of a monthly payment it’s about $10 per month or about $2 per week. Each of us is worth that much.
What will you do in 2010 to increase your professional value? Renewing your membership in 2010 is a valuable investment in yourself. Don’t delay. (And if you’ve entered the communications contest — another valuable investment — your 2010 dues must be paid to be eligible.)
As a good financial planner will tell you, invest in yourself first.