NFPW Community on LinkedIn

Are you searching for a job? Do you have a question you need answered but don’t have a contact in that field?

Then try LinkedIn, a business networking site that enables you to network, hire, post jobs, get business advice and share your expertise.

You can also join various groups and share information. NFPW has a group on the site. It’s a great way to get others interested in NFPW. If they see you are a member of the group and are in the communications field, they’ll ask you about it and then you can have a conversation about the benefits of joining NFPW.

So if you aren’t already, join the NFPW LinkedIn group. And if you aren’t on LinkedIn, why not take the plunge into this business networking site? It’s a great way to polish your resume, learn about social media and define your brand.

Once you are on the site you will create a free account and then you will create a profile. Use a professional photograph and share highlights of your professional experience. Then begin adding contacts. Expand your network over time.

If you are feeling ambitious ask for recommendations. If you disagree with what the person wrote, you can reject that recommendation. You also can recommend people. Add your Web site or your Twitter account. Again, it’s all about connecting.

I’ve used LinkedIn to post jobs, to find out more about candidates, to ask professional questions and get answers from those with more expertise.

Are we LinkedIn? If not, let’s connect!

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