To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

At book club the other week we started with a lively discussion about Facebook. Do we friend co-workers? What about younger relatives (think teens!)? Do you include a photo? What if a friend posts something you don’t like?

The one commonality was that each of us was using Facebook to varying degrees. And, for the most part, we enjoyed it for connecting with friends, although we all preferred sitting outside on a gorgeous fall day talking face to face.

But there are those who are rebelling against Facebook and other social means of communicating. And no, they aren’t in their 70s or 80s. Ian Shapira in The Washington Post wrote about 20-somethings who were simply saying no to joining Facebook. He called such people “networking refuseniks.”

So why do you participate — or not — on Facebook and other social media sites? Is it worth your time?

We’re considering using social media sites to reach out more often to our members and potential members in National Federation of Press Women. I’m curious to know if it will be worth our time and effort.

Let me know. (Of course, my Facebook page is closed to friends, but you can find me on LinkedIn and through this blog.)

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