How Is Your Professional Health?

For three days I and other senior managers at my organization discussed creating a dashboard to measure the health of our organization. The new board for NFPW is doing the same. We’re considering what a healthy number is in terms of membership. We’ve set measurements with respect to the Web. We’ve discussed financials.

It started me thinking. What about our own professional health? Shouldn’t each of us have a dashboard for ourselves? How often do we attend a networking event? How often do we read an article or book that broadens our horizons? How often do we take on tasks that don’t benefit us beneficially and eat up our time?

I decided to spend some time this weekend creating my professional health dashboard. It was eye opening. One thing on it is this blog — I’m growing my skill set. I also discovered some areas that needed work.

Once I identified what I needed to manage, I identified ways to measure. I’ll track my progress and expect to see results within six months to a year.

What are you doing for your professional health?

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