One New Member

Times are tough, and one of the first areas to be cut are membership dues. Businesses cut the expense and members often do, too. But don’t!

Think about what you are getting. NFPW connects you with about 1,500 other communicators. I can’t tell you how often I’ve reached out to members when I needed to hire a freelance writer or learn how to do something. Members also have helped guide me through the often murky waters of a job hunt or a new job.

Leadership opportunities abound. I cut my teeth on a newsletter for my state affiliate. I learned event planning because I coordinated several state conferences and, eventually, was co-director of the 2007 NFPW conference. Those skills translated when I had to coordinate quarterly awards ceremonies, National Night Out events, and milestone celebrations as part of my “other duties” in my job description.

So I hope you’ll renew when it comes time in the next several weeks. But more importantly, I hope that you will bring in a new member. Carol Clark, our newly elected secretary, came up with the campaign of “One New Member.” Your NFPW board committed to it — each of us is recruiting one new member. And those who attended the NFPW banquet Saturday night in San Antonio also heard the same challenge. 

Bring in one new member next year. Let’s grow this organization and share our resources, know-how, and networking with others.

Are you up to the challenge?

2 thoughts on “One New Member

  1. Anna says:

    Cynthia, as one of the people who you recently inspired to join NFPW, I need to thank you. Last week’s VPW conference reassured me that I made the right decision when I joined. The conference was extremely valuable. I especially appreciated the talk by Richard Ernsberger about effective pitches and, of course, your discussion about messaging.

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