Rubel Describes the Future of Social Media

We’re snacking on content all day as a result of social media, says Steve Rubel, senior vice president and director of insights for Edelman Digital.

He made his comments as part of the recent online Social Media Summit. Did you know that Americans visit on average 111 domains each month? Or that we view 2,500 Web pages each month?

So what does the future hold? He says that we will have digital embassies and that we must equip employees to become ambassadors. It’s critical that each of us embraces multiplicity and diversity. And, simply, use the force, don’t fight it.

Rubel sees three trends:

1)      Streams that will be fast and furious

2)      Digitally visible

3)      Insights and data

Being digitally visible will include paid search, owned search SEO, earned search and social search. YouTube is the #2 searched site behind Google.

Rubel expects that “we’ll tap into free tools and become data junkies.”

The trends aren’t that different from traditional communications. We all had to adapt to electronic communications. We have to ensure that our company or product is visible in a 24/7 environment. And we have to monitor, measure and analyze our efforts.

What trends are you seeing?