4 Tips to Help College Graduates

College graduates are facing a tight job market. You may not be able to hire anyone, but you can still help them. Here are four ways:

Introductions While your company may not have an opening, you may know someone whose company does. Connect your colleague and the graduate and share why you think the recent graduate would be a good addition to the staff.

Mock Interviews One of the challenging parts of landing a job is the interview. If a graduate asks for your time, you could conduct a mock interview with the person. This enables the graduate to work on interviewing techniques. At the conclusion of the interview, you can offer suggestions on how to improve answers or delivery.

Shadow Exercises Do you remember the challenge of figuring out what you wanted to do when you graduated? You can help a student by letting them shadow you for part of a day. It means a bit of extra work for you as you explain what you are doing and why but you will provide the student with a better understanding of your work and the business environment.

I like to invite students to join the team meeting so they can hear from everyone. Then, depending on the student’s interest, I schedule 30-minute informational interviews with different team members. I ask the team members to honestly share about the highs and lows of the position. In a few short hours, they get an understanding of the work environment and they have made some new connections.

Resumes Students almost always list their education first on their resumes. Most employers, however, want to know what the graduate can offer. I frequently review student resumes. One of the first things I do is put the education at the end of the resume. I also encourage them to note what they achieved through their extracurricular activities. Many part-time jobs enable students to develop customer service and management skills so I help them highlight those.

None of these activities require a significant time investment. For the student, though, it’s a huge investment in their career.