Where Authors Write

I’m fascinated when I watch a movie or TV show and someone is curled up on a couch writing. That doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it. I need a pillow on which to prop the laptop. But then the pillow wobbles, and I have to readjust it. My legs get tired of the position, and I have to stretch. Before I know it, I’m doing yoga on the couch and no writing is happening.


Where you write matters. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

My best writing is done sitting at a desk with few distractions. And yes, sometimes that means I don’t write, but I clean the desk. Once the surface is clear, I happily write away.

Of course, if I’m really struggling to focus, I can find distractions. That’s when I like to go elsewhere. On occasion, a coffee shop works. Usually, though, I go into the stacks at the Library of Virginia and find a desk. I stay for about three hours and write the entire time. I’m always amazed by how much I accomplish in that time.

I was curious to know where others write so I reached out. Here’s what I learned:

Javacia Harris Bowser, founder and editor of See Jane Write, a website and community for women who write and blog, said, “I probably do my best writing in my home office surrounded by the art and affirmations I’ve put on the wall to inspire me.”

She also is a freelance writer and blogger, and added, “I trained myself long ago to be able to write whenever, wherever.” Don’t be surprised if you see her writing on her phone while waiting for a food order!

She inspired this post with one of her own, 365 Blog Post Ideas and Writing Prompts (see prompt #36).

One of my favorite authors and friend, Adriana Trigiani shared: “I do my best writing at my desk at home, in Greenwich Village. I like a sunny day when the light comes through the window; but I also love a rainy day, as it slows me down, and imposes a natural rhythm on the work.”

By the way, be sure to check out Adriana’s “Very Valentine,” which airs June 8 on Lifetime.

Heather Weidner, author of the Delanie Fitzgerald mysteries, said, “My most favorite place to write is on the beach.” I have to agree with her on that one.

Of course, she said most of her writing is done in an office that she shares with two crazy Jack Russell Terriers.

Christine Ennulat, a content manager by day, author around the edges, said, she, too, liked to write first thing in the morning in a “dog-eared blue chair in my living room, before anyone else is up.” You will also find her writing while walking her dogs (aided by a voice recorder app on her phone).

Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas said she writes “long after everyone in the house is fast asleep.” She “cherishes the silence at night.”

Marianne, who is the current president of the National Federation of Press Women, especially enjoy researching and writing about the dynamic women who were the founders of both the Illinois Woman’s Press Association and NFPW.

“Seeking clues to their histories is best done after the moon rises and the neighborhood is quiet,” she said. You can learn more about her writing at her website.

Where and when do you do your best writing?

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