Astronaut Scott Kelly Inspires

Once again I am inspired from space – or at least by someone who has spent considerable time in space.

This time the inspiration came from U.S. astronaut Captain Scott Kelly, who spent 340 consecutive days aboard the International Space Station. He is a former military fighter pilot, test pilot, engineer, and a retired US. Navy captain.

20190302_173744He spoke at the Richmond Forum, which is a great venue for hearing wise advice or being inspired.

Of his year in space, Kelly said —

Have a goal and plan.

Take risks.

Be willing to make mistakes, and even fail.

Focus on what you can control, ignore what you can’t.

His ultimate lesson, “The sky is not the limit.”

Sound advice.

One thought on “Astronaut Scott Kelly Inspires

  1. Kay Stephens says:

    I opened this post on the right day — when I needed to hear those words. Thanks, Cynthia. Hope you’re doing well.

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