Hello 2019!


Photo by Cynthia Price

My office closes for the last week of the year so my team met a few days before to think about 2019 and to recap 2018.

We touted our successes, acknowledged our challenges and reassessed our 2019 goals, making a few tweaks. We left the office energized for our break and ready to ring in 2019.

A professional communications group to which I belong is doing something similar. We’re meeting for a few hours on a Saturday. We’ll connect with each other, share our intentions for the year, participate in small group discussions and have opportunities for professional headshots to be taken.

I do the same in my personal life. I reread my journal and look through my desk calendar. What made me happy in 2018? What do I want to do more of in 2019? What do I wish I had done differently?

I read a great post from Cy Wakeman that life is about the choices we make. In 2019 I am choosing to step up, live in joy and help others.

How will you spend 2019?

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