Morning Routines Contribute to Success

Whether you are eating Mark Twain’s metaphorical frog, going for a run or journaling, morning routines are critical to success. LifeHack notes 10 steps to do each morning. SUCCESS magazine lists the habits of entrepreneurs. Fast Company shares the habits of several successful individuals.

20180825_091913For a conference I am organizing, I wanted to learn more about the individuals and not just the straightforward bio details. In response to the question, “What is the first thing you do when you wake up?” the answers were inspirational and often recognizable.

Pets play a big role in the morning. Meredith Cumming, who visited newsrooms around the country, says she has to push a cat off her head. Finishing School for Modern Women Entrepreneur Jill Miller says, “I love on my rescue miniature poodle, Jack.”

And then there are our pesky electronic devices. Morning Call reporter Kayla Dwyer admits, “Ugh, I’m a brainwashed fool, but I check my news alerts on my iPhone.” Adrian Grieve, an executive director with the Red Cross in Pennsylvania, does the same thing.

Some combine pets and technology. Kearney Hub reporter and photographer Lori Potter greets her calico kitty Tas and checks the National Weather Forecast for the day on her phone.

Some are reflective. Shonali Burke, a public relations and social media expert, wakes up  says, “Thank you.”

A few go straight for the coffee, including Roger Hudak, a retired journalism teacher and now head of the Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) South Side Task Force.

Meanwhile, Chronicle-Tribune editor David Penticuff reads “Real Clear Politics” online while eating Rice Krispies with a banana.

Hitting the snooze button is a popular response, including by Humor Engineer Andrew Tarvin, who admits to hitting the snooze button two to 300 times!

A few are ambitious. Chris Whitney, director of the Career Center at The University of Scranton, says she makes her bed, while Maryanne Reed, dean of the West Virginia University Reed College of Media, tackles The New York Times crossword puzzle.

What do you do when you first wake up?



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