Get Out Your Crayons!

Coloring has been an integral part of my life since I first began coloring outside the lines. Even as I outgrew coloring, I found I still enjoyed it. Perhaps I was inspired to keep coloring because of my mum, who often sat with my sister and me as we colored. She didn’t simply fill in the spaces, she shaded and created patterns, inspiring me to do more with my pictures.

In later years, I have found coloring cathartic. No real skills are needed and the supplies are simple. I buy my coloring books at a dollar store based on theme and begin to color away. Nothing makes me happier than a fresh box of crayons.

Clearly my penchant for coloring is well known as I have been gifted several coloring books for adults. While I appreciate the intricacies of the design, I admit to also being a bit overwhelmed. I tend to only color about 50 percent of any page, but the results are the same. I relax as I color.

If you need a reason to break out a coloring book and crayons, then Aug. 2 is your day as it is National Coloring Book Day.

I am especially excited about it because a month later, I’ll be immersed in coloring – at least for a few hours.


(Photo courtesy of the Crayola Experience)

At the NFPW conference in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mimi Dixon manager of brand equity, strategy and activation at Crayola will present “The Power of Storytelling: Crayola’s 2017 Color Promotion.” I followed the campaign closely and am excited to learn how the company took a simple idea and turned it into the biggest promotion in Crayola’s 115-year history using the power of creative thinking, disruption and storytelling.

I’ll also get to play at being a kid again when we tour Crayola Experience, where I can discover the “Magic of Color” with 28 attractions, including making my own crayon. That sounds like a great way to relax and unwind.  And you can be sure, a fresh box of Crayolas will be coming home with me!

One thought on “Get Out Your Crayons!

  1. Mindy Harden says:

    Loved this blog! When we lived in KS in ’93 – ’95 we were fortunate to tour the Crayola factory two times. It has since closed and I feel so lucky that my girls and I got to experience such an amazing place.

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