6 Tips to Make Traveling a Breeze

I’ll soon be headed to the NFPW conference. I always look forward to it. This year, I’m also one of the speakers so I have a few extra items to bring. Because I travel frequently (now mainly for recreation), I am often asked about packing. When I was traveling a lot for work and pleasure, I developed a few shortcuts that I continue to use.


With a bit of effort, you can travel with ease. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

The most important thing is to have a list. You can search Google and you’ll get 820M results! One list that I like is Dorie Clark’s business travel checklist, which is here.

I’ve refined my list further and have some shortcuts. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. I’ve put an umbrella in each piece of luggage that I own. That way I never have to wonder if I have packed it. And you know you have umbrellas all over the house. Instead of having them collecting dust in a closet, put them to good use in your luggage.
  2. I have two sets of chargers for every device. I keep one set in a to-go back (cosmetic bags that you get for free when you buy makeup are great for this purpose). When I grab that bag for a trip, I know that all of my chargers are in one place. I also keep a remote clicker (and batteries) for presentations in the bag and an extra thumb drive.
  3. I have one list of household chores that I need to do before I depart. That includes leaving the check for the pet sitter and taking out the trash. At one time, it included leaving the key for the pet sitter. Unfortunately, once, I didn’t follow my list and I failed to leave the key. Imagine my panic knowing I would be gone for a week. I overnighted the key to my sitter and asked her to keep it. One less thing to worry about.
  4. Minimize what you take. I almost always travel with only a carry-on bag. You have to be willing to forgo multiple pairs of shoes and be willing to accessorize. Wear the same top but with a different scarf and no one will know the difference.
  5. While I love my technology, I’ve found it good to have a folder with printed copies of my airline, hotel and car reservations. I also always carry a hard copy of my talking points for a presentation.
  6. Speaking of technology, I have one screen on my phone where all of my travel apps are located. I like having keyless entry at a hotel, and I like to check-in for my airline reservation to avoid getting bumped.




5 thoughts on “6 Tips to Make Traveling a Breeze

  1. Christy Welch says:

    When my boys started Boy Scouts, the Scoutmaster said that he had a packing list that he printed out for camps. So, I made a spreadsheet for my boys for each type of camp (2 day winter, 2 day spring/fall, weeklong summer) that I could print out and hand to them. At 10 years old, they could follow the list and pack for themselves (with a quick looksee by mom before it went into the bag). I had a version for “grandma camp” and state fair too. At 14, my youngest packs his own suitcases, and I rarely look over it anymore. A couple weeks ago, he went to a vocal camp for three days. I’ve no idea what he packed, but he managed to live those three days and not need any emergency extra from home.

    I adapted that excel spreadsheet for my needs. I now have a excel file that has packing lists for work conferences, vacations, overnights, and weekend trips. I never forget anything as long as I’m using the list. Love it!

  2. Jennifer Latzke says:

    I take screenshots of my various travel documents—boarding passes and hotel check ins. I can usually access them quicker through my Photos on my phone than an app sometimes.
    My cords and chargers, even my Kindle, and such all fit into a Thirty-One bag, the “FOldup Family Organizer.” Mine is an older version with one less zipper pocket, but I love it! It really condenses down and it can go in my carryon backpack with my computer and my camera just great! And all of the cords are there, contained and neat.
    Oh, and I’m a huge proponent of dressing in one color pallet. I’m either bringing black shoes or brown shoes and stuff to go with—not both. Have fun at NFPW! Wish I was headed there! Good luck presenting!

  3. Liz Bryant says:

    Great list! also create a packing chart with outfits for each day that I check off as I pack them. Included in this list is everything I would need, including make up and toiletries. It helps me to not forget anything better about the whole packing process.

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