Feeding the Content Beast

As a young reporter, I was tasked with producing a story each day the newspaper published. That meant finding six stories every week, week after week.

At first, I struggled. Then I developed sources. I learned to take a national story and localize it. I asked people what they wanted to read about. Before long, I always had plenty of stories. I could sometimes write an extra one and have it banked for the day when I couldn’t find a story. To this day, I appreciate a good evergreen story.


To tame the content beast, find ways to repackage content and look for content in different places. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

Today one story can serve so many platforms with a bit of tweaking.

I gather information from an expert on campus, and I can pitch the information to a reporter, write a blog, send a tweet or post to Facebook. Depending on the story, I might also gather photos or shoot video.

Here are some ways to find content:

Create videos. When you interview a subject matter expert shoot a few minutes of video. When you share the footage, you may find others who are interested in writing about the subject. You also are helping the expert gain exposure and further develop their interviewing skills.

Repeat. I used to publish a tweet for each blog I wrote. But then I heard from several experts who pointed out that I was missing the audiences who weren’t on Twitter at the time I posted. I now schedule 5 to 7 tweets for every blog post I write. The result has been better engagement. The same holds true for tweeting media releases.

Speeches: If someone in your organization is speaking to a group, obtain a copy of her remarks in advance. You can identify some quotes to share in advance of the talk, and then do the same during and after. Include the handle of the organization she is visiting so others will share, too.

Website: Your website can be a gold mine of content. Much of the evergreen information on your site is still new to many and it’s worth sharing. You also can highlight new content.

The key to always having good content is to post on multiple platforms. The easiest way to do that is to create a content or editorial calendar. To learn more about such calendars, visit this post.

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