Talking EOP

Jon Newman was known as the media relations guy. Today he is a partner in The Hodges Partnership, a public relations agency in Richmond, Va.

He told a group of communicators that with today’s media landscape he would be challenged to have the success that he did when he was working in media relations. With fewer traditional media outlets and reporters, and with a fragmented audience, media relations has become more difficult, leading to fewer opportunities and placements.

The game changer, though, is content. “We can produce it in our own way,” Newman said. “There is potential for much greater reach.”

(Jon Newman slide)

(Jon Newman slide)

Today when Newman talks about media placements it’s about EOP. Earned media is the media relations piece, while the owned and paid pieces are the content marketing. Companies create content they “own” and place it on a platform they “own” (like a website, blog email newsletter) and amplify it using advertising, Newman said.

Organizations control the message, location, type of platform, frequency and even the measurement. “We can educate, talk about our point of view and share our messages,” Newman said.

“All of the social channels give us opportunities,” he added. “Social platforms are now content platforms.”

This means that you can target specific audiences with content because the demographics are robust enough. “It’s no longer post and pray,” he said.

On LinkedIn, for example, when you advertise you can target by industry and skill set. If you promote a Facebook page for a blog, Newman said it would cost about $5/day, and a person could see more than 100 views per post.

With all the platforms and content in existence, the key to setting yourself apart, Newman said, is quality content. “It all starts with messaging and strategy.”

Some things never change.