5 things to do if you are job hunting

If you are entering the job market or are between jobs, it’s easy to get discouraged. A former intern of mine is currently job hunting after wrapping a long-term gig. He’s not having much luck, and he asked for guidance. Here is what I shared with him:

Volunteer. Not only does this give you experience, it shows that you are willing to work. You also will meet other individuals who can serve as references and introduce you to other people.

Find a career group. These groups meet weekly or monthly and are designed to help you land a job. A key benefit is the support and encouragement you receive. You also will hear from speakers, who will provide advice on improving your resume and networking among other topics.

Connect with your university’s career center. Even though you have graduated, most universities will provide you with support and often can link you with alumni who work in your field.

Check the unemployment office listing. A lot of state jobs appear there and nowhere else (except on the individual agency’s website, and it can be a challenge to keep track of all of them).

Schedule learning interviews. Think of all the people you know and then identify individuals with whom you can learn something. You aren’t asking for a job. You are asking the person for career advice. Also, ask each person you meet with if they would make an introduction for you to another person. Meet over coffee because that is inexpensive and the expectation is that the meeting will be 30 minutes or less.

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