Five Years of Cynthia’s Communique

Five years ago and more than 500 posts later, I’m still writing Cynthia’s Communique.

It’s a labor of love, and one that I started when I was elected president of the National Federation of Press Women. The blog goal was simple – to engage with NFPW members and start a conversation.

Readers have commented on the blog, liked it on Facebook or read it on LinkedIn. Now they can even learn about it through my Twitter account.

When I grow weary of researching and writing and when I think I should quit, a reader will tell me how much she enjoys it or what he has learned from it. And that keeps me going.

Along the way, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do. And I’m still learning. The blog, as I said, started out mainly for NFPW members and now I don’t even know most of the readers. I do have readers in mind, though. I write for several audiences, including:

  • NFPW members
  • Those in career transition, whether it’s transitioning from newspapers to public relations or into a management or supervisory role, and
  • Those just starting their careers in communications.

I tell people my blog is about communicating in today’s frantic world so I focus on communications, leadership and balance.

As for what’s next, I will continue the blog, at least for now. In 2015, I will most likely scale back to once a week because I’m going to see what happens when I take the best of my blog posts and create a book. That means you will probably see some blog posts about how to publish a book.

When I succeed in publishing the book, I also will need to market it, which will bring about another series of blog posts, and my need to create a website.

For the foreseeable future, I’m not going anywhere. I hope you as my readers will continue the journey with me.