Maximizing the Impact of Media Placements

At a former company, I created a highlight video of the year’s media hits to share with key executives and the board. At another company, my team would create a high-level report of media hits at the end of each quarter. It’s an easy way to further increase its visibility.

Why is this important?

Just because your company was featured in a story that made the front page of USA Today doesn’t mean that your key audiences, including colleagues, have seen it. It’s your job to call it to their attention.

The key is to send the clips of the stories to the people who matter. So who matters?

  1. Employees want to see the good work that is being done within their company. It often makes them proud that they work there.
  2. When appropriate share a well-placed media placement with your donors, who will view it as a sign that they are backing a winner.
  3. Customers like to see good press, too, because it validates their choice to do business with your company.
  4. Prospective students and their parents. If you are at a university, sharing the media successes validates that they have selected the right school.
  5. You may have select clips you would like to share with key legislators so you can highlight your company.

To further share your media placements, I recommend posting a summary and or links to the placements to share on your company’s website.

If you follow these recommendations you will be able to maximize the impact of your national news media placements.