What’s Your Future Job?

Are you thinking about a career change?

Have you considered productivity counselor, curiosity tutor or digital detox therapist?

3 tombstones

If you want a job of the future – such as a digital death manager – you should enhance your skills now. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

These are jobs of the not-too-distant future and some companies already have them.

Sparks & Honey, which operates a data-driven advertising newsroom that helps synchronize brands with culture (so says its website), compiled a list of 20 jobs of the future.

“More often than not, our work life will be made up of a portfolio of micro-careers,” Sparks & Honey notes in its presentation.

Very few of us will work for one company. Almost everyone I know is on their second or third company, which often leads to a reinvention or a reimagining of skill sets.

And that is what intrigues me about the jobs envisioned for the future. Whether you think you will ever have a job as a corporate disorganizer, digital death manager or privacy consultant, you will probably need to know a bit about each of those areas.

Do you know how to protect your privacy? How are you at developing content? Are you prepared to interview for a job via Skype?

If you answered “no,” it might be time to enhance your skills.

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