4 Years and Counting

I was reviewing my stats for my blog and discovered that I have written more than 400 posts!

The blog began shortly after I was elected president of the National Federation of Press Women. My goal was simple: “I hope to use this platform as a means to share with other members, potential members, and anyone who just enjoys communicating in today’s world.”And thus Cynthia’s Communique was launched.

My topics are communications, productivity and work/life balance. I learn as I go. At first I was disheartened because the blog didn’t get many comments. And yet when I run into readers, they often tell me to keep up the good work. Work colleagues also will reference the blog so I know the readership is there.

It’s slowly growing, too. Sometimes I am better about nurturing it. (My next post will talk about how to write a successful blog, and will reference things I need to do better as well.)

My blog followers have been steadily increasing but I saw a dip this summer. That’s okay because I made a conscious decision to only post once a week instead of my usual twice a week. Most people who read blogs have no idea how often a blog publishes or what day the blog publishes. They simply get it as part of an RSS feed or as an email to their inbox.

When I posted that I would be scaling back, I heard from several who applauded me for my efforts to slow down some. Scaling back enabled me to finish several projects for NFPW this summer. Had I not consciously scaled back I would have either missed several self-imposed deadlines for my blog and/or not finished projects for NFPW.

As a communicator, I found the blog helps me research topics and distill the topic into the key points I need. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and it fits with my effort to pay it forward. Writing a blog also forces me to write each week. Of course, writing for communicators is a challenge because if I have not carefully edited my work, someone is quick to call me out on a grammatical error (please keep doing so!).

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who subscribes to the blog, reads it and/or passes it on to others. I hope you will help me to continue to grow it by sharing it. And, equally important, let me know what you like and also what you want to see more of.