Next Step — Walking Meetings

I spend too much time each day in meetings, which means I am not moving – unless you count the steps I take to walk to a different meeting room.

When I was a reporter, I had to leave my desk and seek out a story. As a spokesperson, I had to respond to a situation, which meant walking – and lots of standing.

I recently instituted a Monday agile meeting. The goal was 15 minutes to quickly update others on the team about our integration points for the week. The plan was to stand. Instead, because we’re in a conference room, we all sit.

Then I read about walking meetings – or walkntalks as the author Nilofer Merchants call them – on Wired. The concept is simple. For one-to-one meetings walk with the person and truly listen to what they have to say. If preparation is needed, provide the materials in advance. If you need to capture something from the meeting, you can record a short message on your mobile device.

The best part of walking meetings is the additional fitness boost.

I’m going to give it a try.

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