What Do You Love About Your Job?

Tomorrow is the day of love. What does that have to do with a blog about communications and personal growth?

A lot, actually. We all have good days and bad days at work, and on those bad days it’s good to have a reminder of what it is about the job that works for you or what attracted you to the position in the first place. If you haven’t recently, why not take a few minutes and write down what you love about your job? If you don’t have anything to say, then you know what the next step is. If you have a strong list, keep it handy for those days that can be frustrating.

Whenever I look for a job, I’m looking for one where I will feel as if I’m making a difference. In one job that was reporting on my community. In another, it was helping to prevent crime. Today, it’s about impacting the lives of vulnerable children. Anytime, I consider a job where it’s only about the title or the paycheck, I know it’s not the job for me.

My current job brings with it lots of responsibilities. It also allows me to travel and to learn about other cultures. It’s become one of the best parts of my job for me. Sometimes, when I’m on a 32-hour flight, I have to remind myself of what’s at the end – new food, new culture, seeing the work first-hand.

At the top of my list are great colleagues. We don’t have to socialize after hours, but I want to enjoy their company at work. I want to learn from them and be inspired. I don’t want to work in a negative environment. I’m fortunate to work with great people.

My final one is to work in a challenging environment, one that affords me the opportunity to learn new skills and to stretch the ones I haves. I volunteer to work on projects if I know I will learn something new. I like being exposed to other ways of thinking. I still must successfully perform my core job, but having other opportunities available makes the job more rewarding.

What do you love about your job? I’d love it if you’d post a comment to this blog and share with others. You might inspire someone else.

One thought on “What Do You Love About Your Job?

  1. Roger J. Hudak says:

    My career job was teaching high school English. The best part of the job was the difference I was able to make in the lives of the kids. Sometimes it was a love of learning, sometimes a taste of journalism in the school’s newspaper. The success many of those kids have been able to attain in life astounds me. I am very proud of most of them.

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