Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

When I went to my first interview, I only had one question: When do I start?

As I’ve continued my career, when the employer asks me if I have any questions, I take advantage and ask questions to determine if I’ll be a good fit with the organization.

I don’t ask questions about benefits. For one thing, I don’t want it to seem that is all that interests me. For another reason, it’s almost always best to talk with someone in the HR department about benefits.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have questions. They fall within a few key areas.

Professional Growth. What is the employee review process? How is progress measured? Do you support involvement in professional organizations?

Supervision. How many employees report to me? What are their backgrounds? How long have they worked for the company?

Culture. Is telecommuting an option? What is the average length of tenure? What equipment is available to me and what support? Will I be expected to be available after hours?

Travel. Will the job require travel? Will I have a company credit card? What are the travel policies?

First Day. If possible, find out in advance your email address and phone number so you can share it with your contacts before you leave your current job. I usually ask this once I’ve accepted the offer and necessary paperwork is signed.

Answers to these questions will provide a better understanding of the environment and whether you would be a good fit.

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