Agent 007’s Secrets Help with Office Success

I saw the new James Bond movie Skyfall this weekend. It was just what I needed following a busy, but not as productive a work week as I would have liked. Bond reminded me what I need to do next week at the office.

James Bond’s tricks of the trade may just come in handy at the office.

If the plan goes wrong or isn’t working, improvise. I’ve been trying to advance several projects but roadblocks keep appearing. Sometimes they thwart me. After seeing Bond in action, I realized I need to change course and quickly.

True, I’m not dealing with imminent threat of death if my plan doesn’t work, but I don’t see any point in dragging out my efforts either. This coming week, if my plan doesn’t work, I’ll immediately change tactics.

Have the right tools. At the office, having the right tools usually means a working computer and a business or PR plan. Sometimes, we forget to create the plan, which introduces chaos. Sometimes, the computer doesn’t work. My computer has a glitch that sometimes prevents the audio from working. That’s a problem when I’m trying to place a Skype call. I need the right tools, even if they aren’t cool ones like Bond has.

Have a hobby. We all need to create work-life balance. A hobby helps. Bond may need to work on his a bit because when asked by the villain what his hobby was, he replied, “Resurrection.”

A good soundtrack helps. Sometimes when the day is frustrating listening to music with a strong beat can push you past your afternoon slump or help you finish the report that is due in an hour. Headphones are actually a cool tool to have at the office for listening to the right music. The new James Bond song performed by Adele might just carry you to the finish line.

The movie grossed a record $30.8 million when it opened Friday. Obviously, Bond still has what it takes.