Rolodex Missed as Office Tool

The other day I needed to find someone’s email address. The problem was that I couldn’t remember the person’s name. I could remember meeting her. I could remember exchanging business cards. I could even remember the unique colors of the card.

In the old days, I would simply have twirled my circular Rolodex until I found the uniquely colored business card because I always stapled business cards to the blank cards in the Rolodex. I would then see the person’s name and contact details.

Today, as soon as I receive a business card I enter it into my online contact list. I also add the person to my LinkedIn connections. Sometimes, if I recall the company name, I can search easily for the person. But when I don’t remember the company or the person’s name, I’m forced to scroll slowly through hundreds of contacts.

LinkedIn had a great infographic about five office trends and technologies that are disappearing. One of them was the Rolodex. For the most part, I won’t miss any of the items listed except when I can’t remember the name. Then, I miss the “good ol’ days.”

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