Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day

Today is National Women’s Friendship Day.  It was created in 1999 by the Kappa Delta Sorority and is held the third Sunday in September, but I think it should be held whenever the NFPW national conference is held.

Friendships are formed in NFPW. A group of us explored Yellowstone National Park followiing a board meeting.

One of the things that makes membership in NFPW so special is the friendships that develop. I belong to several groups in addition to NFPW, and everyone is friendly, but our focus is on the business side.

In NFPW, we focus on networking and professional development. But because we also offer pre- and post-tours we have opportunities to get to know each other better. When we see each other at the annual conference we renew our friendships.

Keeping the friendships active throughout the year is much easier now that we have Facebook and other social sharing tools.

As you get ready to attend NFPW, why not send a note to the many friends you’ll be seeing and make plans to catch up. And don’t forget to reach out to the first-timers attending the conference. Before you know it you will have even more friends.

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