POWER Networking Jumpstarts NFPW Conference

One of the challenges of attending a conference is finding a way to meet people at more than just a surface level.

Last year at the NFPW conference, we held a POWER Networking, a structured networking event that breaks away from the model of speeding from one person to the next and instead focuses on truly connecting with others.

We gathered in small groups and provided information about ourselves to those at the table. Each person had a turn (a timer kept us on track). At the end of the session, we had all become acquainted with other members.

What I like about the approach is that I meet a lot of members quickly, and in a setting that doesn’t feel forced. More importantly I learn about the person as both an individual and as a professional.

Others who participated agreed.

“The networking session was a fun and fast way to get to know other members at the start of the conference,” said Cathy Jett of Virginia Press Women. “While short, there was still time for several people at one of the tables where I sat to get suggestions about books or other projects they were working on.”

First-timer Sylvia Dickey Smith of Press Women of Texas said, “As a result of the POWER Networking session, I no longer felt like a newcomer. I had friends!”

If you are attending the NFPW conference, you will have the opportunity to build relationships by tapping into new resources, making fresh discoveries and uncovering prospects and leads. Bring plenty of business cards and promotional materials and get ready to seize the moment!

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