Lessons in Photography


Sometimes it's good to not only smell the flowers -- or redbuds -- but also to photograph them. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

Today is day 88 of my 365 days of photos. I confess there have been a few days where I thought about simply stopping. However, just when I think it’s not worth my time, something catches my eye, and I have the photo for the day.

Early in my 365 project, I photographed many sunrises and many moons.  That didn’t bode well in terms of enjoying the moments of the day. But almost 100 days later, I’ve already learned some things, including:

  1. Photography is hard. Yes, I know that is an obvious statement. I’ve always taken good photos. I had never pushed myself as a photographer, though, and now I find myself trying to figure out lighting and distance and angles to get the right shot. So while I’m capturing my moment or grace note for the day, I’m also practicing my photography.
  2. It’s the little things. One day at work, I observed a big square of sunshine. It made me smile, and I photographed it. It was winter and it had been bleak for some time. That square of sunlight made my day.
  3. All the senses matter. As I try to capture the moments of my day I’m struck by how much more aware of my other senses I am. How do I capture the laughter at book club or the smell of the first spring day where the sun warms the air?
  4. Live in the moment. Sometimes I get home and think, “Why didn’t I take a picture of that?” Sometimes we’re so busy that we do forget to enjoy the moment.
  5. Share your passion. I’ve been telling friends and even strangers about my project. I’ve photographed the handyman who fixed all kinds of things around the house. How wonderful to know those are off my list of things to do. I’ve photographed library events and lecturers and other runners.

Simple pleasures include walking and gardening in the same day. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

Will I make it another 265 days (and then some)? I’m not sure, but I hope so.

In my first 100 days, I’ve already learned a few lessons. I suspect there are more lessons yet to be learned.