Is It Time to Recalibrate?

The topic was branding. I had already sent in my registration fee. But the meeting was at 7:30 a.m. and the day before was a long work day. This day was promising more of the same. I should skip the meeting.

Then I decided the topic and the networking were probably just what I needed to recalibrate so I went. I networked and made a few key contacts. The speakers were great. I might hire them for some work. I may also reach out to them to see if they will speak to another group with which I’m involved.

I returned to the office rejuvenated and recalibrated. The day’s challenges no longer seemed so daunting. I looked at my assignments with a fresh eye.

What do you do to recalibrate and get back into your groove?

Do you whine? Do you overeat? Do you shop? Most of us do at times, but the important thing is to stop and check your roadmap so you don’t get lost.

For me attending a morning networking meeting was just the ticket. What keeps you on the path to success?

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