Internet Trends

Information today is real-time, fast and broad as evidenced by information flowing after the Japan tsunami. For more on global trends, visit

I read some interesting numbers about the internet earlier this week.

They were from Mary Meeker, a partner at the venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

She presented on industry trends at the Web 2.0 Summit, a conference of the tech industry’s leading thinkers.

Here’s what she shared:
  1. In three years, China added more Internet users than exist in the United States. The biggest adders were China, India, Nigeria, Russia and Iran.
  2. Social networkers exceed internet users, and 70 percent of them use Facebook.
  3. Smartphone usage still has a huge upside. There are 835 million smartphone subscribers and 5.6 billion mobile phone subscribers.
  4. iPods changed the media industry. iPhones became bigger and more popular even faster than iPods. iPad growth leaves its “siblings” in the dust.
  5. Mobile search is growing rapidly.
  6. “Sound is going to be bigger than video,” says Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud.
  7. Content is about global information flow. It’svreal-time, fast and broad.

How will these trends impact how you do business?

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