Campbell Wins People’s Choice Award

Julie Campbell

Julie Campbell proudly displays her People's Choice Award. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

Many years ago, Julie Campbell attended her first literary awards at the Library of Virginia. Never did she dream she would be up on stage accepting an award for a book that she had written, but that’s exactly what happened during the 14th annual Literary Awards yesterday.

Julie won the People’s Choice Award for Nonfiction for her book, The Horse in Virginia: An Illustrated History. It explores the history of horses in Virginia during four centuries, including how the horse fit into society at any given time.  The University of Virginia Press developed the concept and hired Julie to write it and find the illustrations.

In her acceptance, Julie thanked many people, including those from Virginia Press Women, who had encouraged her through her years of writing the book and were there to celebrate her win. And she said, “Thank you for the stars that aligned tonight.”

The evening was all the more special because she had always been an admirer of Earl Hamner, who was the force behind the semiautobiographical television series The Waltons. During the Literary Awards Hamner was honored with the literary lifetime achievement.

Congratulations Julie!

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