SNAP! Era Closes

What an evening!

NFPW just finished celebrating its 2011 communications contest winners and swearing in a new board. Congratulations to Lori, Teri, Marsha, Ellen and Marianne! This also means my two-year term as president has drawn to a close.

It’s been an incredible two years.  My campaign was SNAP! I chose to focus on Sustainability, Networking And Professional development. The term ended with NFPW solidly in the black with respect to finances. We’ve identified conference locations for the next few years. We’ve sustained membership (and now it’s time to grow it). A leadership manual was created. A blog started. Posts to Facebook and LinkedIn were used to connect us between conferences. Agenda was chock full of member profiles and career advice. And we’re pursuing an online communications contest.

To do all of that required a time commitment on the part of each board member. Thank you for your commitment and service.

For me, it was a time to stretch and lead. To drive new initiatives and to shake-up the status quo. It was exhilarating, rewarding and, yes, at times, exhausting. So why do it? For years NFPW has provided me with networking and professional development opportunities. At conferences, I discovered others had the same issues and concerns I had, and we’d brainstorm solutions. Others
shared their successes and I learned from them. Throughout the years, members (really, they are friends) have encouraged me, commiserated with me and laughed with me. NFPW had given me so much; it was time for me to give back.

I sought out new members for my board. I knew that if they, too, could be involved with NFPW, they would develop an even stronger bond to the organization.

During my tenure I strived to share management and coaching ideas with the board. We all shared and grew. The most rewarding comment came from Linda Koehler, our Agenda editor. I knew I was asking her to stretch, and
I promised to sprinkle fairy dust to help her along the way.

Here’s what she told me: “I am grateful to you for so many things: like giving me the opportunity to grow, professionally and personally; to step outside my box; to have the opportunity to visit new places; and to meet some extremely wonderful people….

“So, thank you, Fairy Godmother, for the confidence you showed in me, where I saw none. This Cinderella enjoyed the ball.”

I enjoyed the ball, too. Thank you for inviting me.

6 thoughts on “SNAP! Era Closes

  1. Cynthia, you did a terrific energetic job, and you brought a new sparkle to the NFPW leadership. You tried new ideas with a lot of zest. You have gifted NFPW with strength and structure, and we are stronger for it.
    Accomplishing that top of your very demanding day job leaves me in awe.
    I wish I’d been there to applaud you in person over the weekend – my heart was with all of you every single day in Council Bluffs. I am so proud to be a member of this organization!

  2. Louise Seals says:

    Focus, organization and dedication to sustain your initial enthusiasm — those are the qualities I think of when I think of you.Your “day job” would leave most people exhausted, but you kept yourself on track and also led NFPW forward in this daunting communications environment. Thank you, Cynthia.

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