POWER Networking Jumpstarts NFPW Conference

The most powerful networking isn’t about meeting as many people as you can in the shortest amount of time. It’s about connecting with the people who can truly make a difference in your career or business. Today, that’s more important than ever.

Business cards are key at a POWER Networking event.

During the opening session of the NFPW conference, we’ll hold our first POWER Networking, a structured networking event that breaks away from the model of speeding from one person to the next and instead focuses on truly connecting with others.

You will have the opportunity to build relationships by tapping into new resources, making fresh discoveries and uncovering prospects and leads. Bring plenty of business cards and promotional materials and get ready to seize the moment!

Because we’re doing it at the start of the conference, it will be a great way to meet many members at one time. Then throughout the conference you can follow-up on the conversations that were started during the networking event. Never has networking been this fun and this rewarding.

To get ready for this exciting event, be sure to bring plenty of business cards and any promotional materials you would like to share. If you’re searching for a job, bring your resume. If you want people to remember your business, bring a company give-away.

How will POWER Networking help you?

1) You’ll meet lots of members quickly.

2) You’ll build your network.

3) You’ll learn about each new connection as both an individual and professional.

Be sure to follow up with the members you meet to cultivate the relationships and expand your influence. The initial interaction is only the starting point for each of your new potential relationships. If you can’t make it to the NFPW conference, why not try this at your fall affiliate meeting.

Who will you meet?