Social Media Expands Communications Options

Social media continues to expand communications options.

During a panel discussion, “Effective Uses of Social Media Platforms” several users of social media shared how they are using social media to enhance their business. The discussion was part of “Social Media Smarts” organized by Media Women of South Carolina.

Russell Stall of the Greenville Forward says he doesn’t even like the name social media. “I like connected media,” he says. “With a couple of key strokes you’re connected.”

For Jim O’Donnell of Wolff Industries, social media allows him to grow a relationship and then turn it over to salespeople. Even television is impacted by social media, says Diana Watson of FOX News in Greenville. “Viewers don’t want to wait around until the 6 o’clock news. They want to be updated all the time,” she says. “We’re finding that viewers are demanding more and more.”

She says social media gives the station “an instant connection to what people are thinking or what they want to know about.” While people are watching the news, they also are able to immediately share what they think of the news. “It gives us instantaneous results,” Diana says.

At Wofford College, Russ Bradley says using YouTube has allowed the school to make lesser sports more accessible. The school started by putting the football show on YouTube instead of paying for airtime on a television station. “Our viewership has tripled,” Bradley says. “We’re using it to promote the brand.”

The school is able to spotlight the expertise of professors on YouTube, which often leads to media outlets requesting interviews.

How are you using social media effectively?