7 Ways to Get Involved with NFPW

You’ve renewed your membership in NFPW. Now what?

How about making a commitment to get involved with NFPW? There are so many ways to get involved. Here are seven–

1)      Enter the communications contest. The deadlines at the affiliate level are fast upon us so review the rules, the categories and enter your best work. If you place first in your category, you’ll go on to compete against all the other first-place winners through the national contest. Judges are encouraged to provide feedback, which is great for enhancing your work as you go forward.

2)      Bring in a new member, or mentor a member who has recently joined. It’s a great way to encourage others and share the organization with colleagues. When you join a group, it takes time to learn the dynamics and you can provide guidance for a new member.

3)      Plan to come to conference. This year’s conference will be held Sept. 8-10 in Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha, NE. It’s hosted by Iowa Press Women and Nebraska Press Women. The hotel is Harrah’s Council Bluffs Casino & Hotel.  

4)      Propose a solution, instead of complaining. Too often I hear a member complaining about how something is being handled or organized, but they don’t offer an alternative solution. Complaining isn’t helpful; offering a solution is. Even if it’s not feasible, it might lead to another approach that is.

5)      Be active in your affiliate. If your state has an affiliate, get involved. Again, you can attend meetings. You could offer to secure a speaker. You could coordinate a dinner at a local restaurant so members can network.

6)      Contribute to the website and newsletter. We’re always looking for copy. Great things are happening at the affiliate level that could benefit other members so submit it to NFPW. Members also are doing great things. Your career is not the time to be humble, so again, share it with others.

7)      Have fun! Each year the affiliate that hosts the national conference also offers tours of the region. It’s a great way to get a first-hand look at other parts of the country. One of my favorites of all times was a tour in North Dakota. We were visiting a fort along the Missouri River. The sun was setting in the West and in the East the moon was glowing in the dusk sky. That image is forever etched in my mind. In Colorado I slept in a “haunted” house. In Washington, I went whale watching. Last year, I got my Kicks on Rte. 66!

What ways do you get involved with NFPW?

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