Student’s E-mail Note Delights

I received the most delightful note the other day from a student I had met during a PRSSA function where professional communicators interviewed students to help them prepare for when they interviewed for jobs.

As I interviewed each student I noted what they did well in the interview so they would continue to do that. I also didn’t hesitate to tell them what they did poorly. After all, this interview didn’t count and they could easily improve on it. My advice ran the gamut from rethinking how to dress to the look and structure of the resume to how questions were answered.

It’s the type of activity that you do freely but you never expect to hear back from the students, although I always provide my business card and tell them to reach out to me. It’s part of my paying it forward or giving back philosophy.

Dawn Lyons e-mailed me to tell me that she graduated and that she has a job. She wrote: “Starting this new career is both exciting and intimidating. You were honest and motivational during our discussions and I needed that.”

She added: “Today is my first day at my new job and I just felt I had to share the great news with you and tell you thank you for taking the time and speaking to me.”

Dawn is now a communications assistant with Virginia Health Information.  

How wonderful to know that a recent graduate landed a job in this tough economy! And how wonderful to hear the great news directly from her.

One thought on “Student’s E-mail Note Delights

  1. Pansy Bray says:

    Kudos to you both, Cynthia! To you for giving advice and encouragement and to Dawn for listening and landing her new job. A nice ray of sunshine on this gray day.

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