Time to Renew NFPW Membership

Why should you renew your membership in NFPW?

For most of our members, they don’t even ask themselves that question because they have experienced the benefits.

But if you’re asking yourself that question, ask yourself another one first: Am I doing what I can to benefit from membership? In other words, are you networking? Asking for guidance? Did you attend the conference in Chicago? Or are you planning to go to the national conference in Iowa and Nebraska in 2011?

I just finished talking with my VP about NFPW and was sharing with her all the benefits that I’ve received. Early in my career, I volunteered to help with activities through my state affiliate. It was my first exposure to event planning. I would go on to host state conferences and a national conference. I also put on major awards banquets and graduation programs when I worked for a police department. The event planning skills I developed through Virginia Press Women and National Federation of Press Women allowed me to be successful professionally.

In my current job, I needed to secure venues in locations throughout the country. Thanks to Mary Jane Skala (who is now in Arizona) and her connections, my organization was able to hold an event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Ann Lockhart of Colorado connected me with the Denver Press Club.

During the national conference in Idaho I met Laura Hermann of the Potomac Communications Group. Her presentation on the digital world was informative and helped steer me as I considered Web and social media strategies. Laura is now a member of NFPW, too.

The awards I’ve received validate the work that I’m doing but they also just make me feel good.

My point is that none of the above would have happened if I had not reached out to members, attended conferences or entered the contests.

Membership is reasonably priced, so I don’t mind paying. Yes, I pay for it, not my employer. It’s a few less lattes a year, but it’s a strong investment in my career.

Still need some more reasons? The NFPW website lists the top 10 reasons why you should renew your membership or join NFPW. There also is a video on the home page in which past presidents talk about why they are members. Check it out.

One thought on “Time to Renew NFPW Membership

  1. Gwen Larson says:


    I will second, third and fourth your belief about how important networking through NFPW is.

    I’ll be starting a new job on Jan. 3 after 17 years at The Emporia Gazette. Debbie Miller of Arkansas, who I met at Chicago conference, alerted me to the job ad.

    During the interview, I knew I’d face many questions about how I would make the transition from daily journalism to marketing and media relations. My new employer wants to expand coverage into the larger cities in Kansas as well as into broadcast markets.

    I could honestly say that I had contacts in all the areas they wanted to expand (thanks to my state affiliate) as well as wonderful friends and colleagues around the country who are always willing to help with advice (through NFPW).

    I have never put out a query to a fellow NFPWer that has gone unanswered.

    I am proud to be a member of NFPW since 2004 and plan to renew right after I start my new job so I can make sure my contact info is current.

    Looking forward to seeing you and all my other friends — and make new ones — in Council Bluffs in September.

    Americus, KS

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