Valuing Our Retired NFPW Members

NFPW’s retired members spoke, and we listened.

In an effort to clean up and streamline the NFPW bylaws, the board suggested that retired members should not be able to participate in the communications contest. If they wanted to participate, we thought they should do so at the full member rate.

We didn’t realize how important the contest was to our retired members. Frankly, we didn’t consider that retirement today does not mean what it did 30 years ago or even 10 years ago. Many of our members continue to work in some capacity (but not full time) and want to be recognized for their work. A valid point.

We heard you. Our retired members will continue to have the right to enter the communications contest. We did eliminate the emeritus designation because it was confused with retired. We also eliminated the corporate designation. And we added in that out publications are both printed and electronic.

Thanks for speaking up! Our members always have been vocal. That’s why NFPW continues to thrive.