Participants Make an Unconference

Last week I attended NonProfit 2.0, an unconference dedicated to the social cause space.

It was a most productive day.

What is an unconference? It’s a group of people who come together to learn in a common field — in this case, social media media and its value in the nonprofit world.

The organizers were Alysson Kapin, Geoff Livingston and ShireenMitchell. The people who show up make the session, they told the audience.

We heard from two keynote speakers first thing and then as participants, we tossed out topics we wanted to learn more about. Some had been suggested via email in advance. And just because you suggested the topic didn’t mean you had to lead it, although that did happen.

After the session times were filled in on a white board, we all wandered off to find the sessions of interest to each of us. What if the session turned out to not be what we expected? Shireen told us, “Use your two feet.”

Before I knew it, it was almost 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. How could the unconference be over?

It was an unconvential and productive way to spend a Friday afternoon. I have dozens of ideas for my blog (I’ll be sharing with you throughout the coming weeks) and for work. I also had lots of business cards and 12 pages of notes on my Netbook.

Now I simply need to find some unfilled time to make it all happen.