Kludges May Not Be Pretty, But They Are Effective

It’s official – I’m a social media/technology nerd.

How do I know? I’ve learned a new word, “kludge.”

When I heard it the other day, I looked at the person and asked, “What did you say?”

She repeated it, and immediately another team member called it up on Wikipedia and shared that the term is used in fields such as computer science, aerospace engineering, evolutionary neuroscience and, yes, Internet slang.

Kludge is a clumsy, but effective solution to a problem.

It’s a great word, and really works for me. Trust me – some of the fixes I make to my blog are definitely kludges! Some of the fixes I make to my communications designs are kludges! But they work, and that’s what matters.

So I’ll keep making and using kludges.

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