Speedy Voice Mail Slows Communications

I’ve resisted ranting on my blog. But this past week I’ve received several voice mail messages at the office in which the person speaks so quickly that I don’t get their name or phone number and then they disconnect.
Sorry folks. I don’t have time to replay your message repeatedly to figure out your name and phone number if you are going to speak at the speed of sound (pun intended).
An easy fix is to SLOW down when you leave your message. I do want to reply — even if it’s a cold sales call. You might be calling with a product or service on the very day I determine I need it. But if I can’t make out the phone number, it’s the delete key for you.
Another fix is for you to repeat your name (you could even spell it) and your phone number. That way I can fill in the missing blanks. 
Even better, use both options.
So slow down. It’s not a race. And you aren’t going to win if I can’t understand how to do business with you. 
I’m looking forward to your call.