Getting Face Time on Talk Radio

One of the nice things about writing a blog is hearing from other communicators. Arlene Uslander of Arizona Press Women wrote to be about a review she wrote on “Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited” by Francine Silverman.

Arlene notes that radio interviews are easier than ever because you can do them by phone and it really helps her to promote her books. But how do you find the right show for your expertise? Most radio Web sites and listings do not include information about the show’s themes or guest criteria.
That’s where “Talk Radio Wants You” comes into play. Silverman presents the host’s bio, contact information and best method of contact. Arlene notes that Silverman “delves into the host’s psyche, not simply for the show’s theme and guest profile, but for his or her opinion on the best and worst guests and whom to invite back, along with interview tips.”

“Silverman’s unique reference guide is designed for anyone with a product or service to promote who wants to go on radio,” Arlene says.

“Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited” is available at, from the publisher at and from book stores and

2 thoughts on “Getting Face Time on Talk Radio

    • I was pleased to write it. It provided me with another tool — one which I had not considered in many years and it’s a valuable tool. We just secured an interview for my CEO on WTOP in DC!

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