Do You Have a Minute?

clockIf only people would ask me that question. Instead, they pop into my office to share ideas, ask for feedback and, sometimes, because they simply want to chat. It’s partly my fault as I have an open door policy, and I have many people reporting to me directly and indirectly.

I have so many interruptions, though, that I am not able to efficiently complete my work, and it’s frustrating me.

I realize I need to manage my time better so I shared with my boss. She provided me with some research she had found on the topic.

The irony? She interrupted me to deliver it! (We did both chuckle about it, but still….)

To manage interruptions, try the following:

1)      Assign specific times for an open-door policy

2)      Require staff that if they have problems, they should also bring proposed solutions

3)      Track interruptions to see if there are patterns

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.